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Carpet by Room

When thinking about carpets for individual rooms there are a number of aspects to consider. Each room has a different job, with different practical requirements. The hall and stairs for example are the most used areas, so a hard wearing carpet is essential. There are also personal tastes to account for, so designs, materials and colours will play a big part, with these also differing from room to room.

Below is a brief guide to the fundamentals of choosing a carpet for each room. Take a look and then, using this as your starting point, we can chat about the best options for you.

Stair Carpet

The stair carpet takes a lot of use so it is important to choose a carpet that is at least of Heavy Domestic quality. It is usually the case also that the stairs carpet matches that in the Hall and on the Landing, creating a more cohesive feel to link these areas together.

With regard to both design and colour, the stair carpet offers lots of scope, with striped carpets on the stairs being especially popular. In the narrow environment of the stairs the striped effect works well.

Living Room Carpet

The living room is aptly named, with lots of activity taking place here. It is therefore sensible to select a hard wearing living room carpet, with practicality a big consideration. Style is important of course, since this is a room which is used a lot and needs to look and feel right.

There are many different carpet types which will work well in the living room, it all comes down to personal choice.

Bathroom Carpet

Carpet in the bathroom is seen as unsuitable by some, but there are many who disagree. The soft feeling of the carpet on bare feet and the sense of warmth it can provide can win the day.

Ideally a bathroom carpet should be synthetic, including the carpet backing. The synthetic material handles water well, unlike some other carpet materials. Alternatively, other types of bathroom flooring are available.

Bedroom Carpet

Choosing a bedroom carpet can often be the time to indulge. It is a personal space, where practicality is not an issue since bedroom carpets have less wear than any other. Less wear means a greater choice of carpet styles, since pretty much any will be more than up to the job. Go for a bedroom carpet then that really appeals on a personal level.

Dining Room Carpet

The dining room is often a room which is used less than others, but when it is used it needs to look just right. Therefore the dining room carpet can really make a statement, with colours, designs and materials chosen for their aesthetic appeal more than just practicality.

Hall Carpet

They say that first impressions count, which is why the hall carpet is so important and makes an initial statement about the home. With it being such a busy area the hall carpet needs to be hard wearing, but retaining the style the householder wishes to demonstrate.

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