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Flooring Materials

The choice of materials and designs now available when buying new flooring is the best it has ever been. It can sometimes be difficult to know how these flooring materials vary from each other so below is a quick guide to what the main materials are.

This should help with the basic pointers on what flooring materials may suit your room, but please have a chat with us so we can, together, find the very best choice for you based on your needs.

Laminate Flooring

One of the most flexible flooring options has to be Laminate Flooring. Modern technology means that the top surface, which has traditionally appeared to be wood, can look like pretty much anything. Laminate flooring is made by fusing a sandwich of materials together, complete with edges which fasten together to create a smooth, gap-free finish.

The key to a good Laminate floor is preparation. The surface on which the laminate flooring will be laid needs to be clean and flat. If this isn't the case then the floor can be noisy to walk on, with creaks and squeaks. At The Carpet Gallery we pride ourselves on top quality fitting of all flooring, Laminates included, so this will not be an issue.

Vinyl Flooring

Originally seen as little more than a value for money option Vinyl flooring has evolved over the years to now stand as a real option, with a wide variety of styles and patterns available. Vinyl flooring can also have the appearance of wood, slate, ceramics and so on, bringing with it not only a stylish appearance but also great flexibility when it comes to installing it into a room.

Wood Flooring

The wood floor has always been a popular choice, with the different types of wood and how it is laid and offering a beautiful floor for any type of room. Oak is perhaps the most popular choice for a wooden floor, though, as with all types of flooring materials, preparation is key. Wood flooring demands a well-prepared surface to get the best results.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring comes in many shapes and sizes, the most popular being ceramic since it can be made in a variety of colours and designs. Porcelain tiles are also a very popular option, their strength and durability proving the perfect option for many flooring jobs.

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