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It is often the case that customers want to buy a carpet made by a specific manufacturer, which is why we at The Carpet Gallery felt it would be useful to list the main carpet brands we offer.

If the carpet manufacturer you are looking for is not here please do not worry as we are simply unable to list all the carpet brands we supply. Just give us a call, email or visit us in the shop and we will be happy to help you.

If you would like to see more about these carpet manufacturers please use the links provided to each of their websites.

  • Brintons Carpets

    Brintons Carpets

    Brintons has been a carpet manufacturer since 1783, based in Kidderminster, West Midlands. From that day to this Brintons focus has always been on superior quality, with this great British carpet brand believing they make the finest carpets available.

  • Brockway Carpets

    Brockway Carpets

    Brockway Carpets revel in tradition and history, being a family run business with a carpet making heritage running through both owners and staff. The pride of creating the very best is apparent in every Brockway Carpet, with the vast experience gained obvious from the quality.

  • Cormar Carpets

    Cormar Carpets

    Cormar Carpets, based in Bury, Lancashire and a carpet manufacturer since 1956, has a reputation for quality, service and reliability. This is reflected in Cormar Carpets winning the award for Best Carpet Manufacturer 2011.

  • Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs

    Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs

    Jacaranda is renowned for producing fantastic quality, hand-made carpets and rugs, using traditional wooden looms which are hand-operated by highly skilled and experienced weavers.

  • Ulster Carpets

    Ulster Carpets

    Ulster Carpets, has a proud history of over 70 years, manufacturing top quality classic and contemporary carpets from its base in Northern Ireland.

  • Victoria Carpets

    Victoria Carpets

    Victoria Carpets, was founded in 1895, in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, moving to Kidderminster in 1900 as the business developed. Although Victoria Carpets is now a major carpet manufacturer the emphasis on craftsmanship, traditional skills and a caring attitude is as strong as it was in those early days.

  • Westex Carpets

    Westex Carpets

    Westex Carpets is based in the heart of England's traditional wool and textile industry, West Yorkshire. Quality is of paramount importance for Westex Carpets, with every aspect of carpet manufacture carefully controlled.

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